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Teatteri Iva (Theatre Iva) is an independent theatre group based in Tampere, Finland. After many hours of idle at cafés, an idea became an organisation as Iva was founded by three friends of joy, jokes and jazz in 2019.

Our first-born Valuma premiered in August 2019 at the bottom of a concrete skatepark pool in the industrial area Hiedanranta in the periphery of Tampere. The production laid heavily on lighting design and strong soundscapes and was written, directed, composed and produced completely independently by the 12-headed group. The topics the screenplay rose from included loss of parent, social exclusion and sibling relationships. Valuma attracted both regional and national attention and sold out nearly all of its shows. Valuma was partly funded by Tampere City Cultural Services and Minela Säätiö (Minela Foundation). See more info and pictures.

After breathing the concrete dust for a good while, Iva premiered a pop-up theatre concept called Iva-ilta (Evening of Iva). As we had found ourselves far too ambitious, we figured to try something more low-key. Iva-ilta is our platform for performing brief scenes (monologues, poetry and whatnot) in changing environments. The concept first incarnated in February 2020 with Ilta Nykyajassa (An Evening in Present Time), an event where three actors performed monologues in a local gallery free of charge. See pictures.